Skin on skin.
Face to face.
Physical bonds of space.
Jagged edges of you and me.
Standing in fron of each other like elaborate stories.
Infinite tapestries.
Wisdom and loss in two large jigsaw puzzles.
Mirror in me.
Mirror in you.

Our ability to give the self we don’t own,
Reflects underneath the surface,
In waters of paralleled knowledge.
My hollow echoes back to me from somewhere… lost in your void.

We’re nothing because we haven’t found the touch that allows love.
No self-compassion.
We haven’t granted ourself that gift: love.
Always been an idea for another.
A luxury for a man too poor to eat.
Take care of the body, and the mind.
I know something now.
We can’t accept what is not accepted by the Self.

I’m so empty
I’ve been clearing the debris of others’
natural disasters
for so many years
from the mine shaft
that leads to the endless well.

The depths of

And now finally I have a clear shot
All the way down.

You are so wounded
burned to grey ashes
no color
no sparks underneath your
colored scales
And yet…

I see the most beautiful creature
I’ve ever seen.