The spotlight floods me
I imagine your face while
I stand in judgment
Blinded by the glare
Revealing my nude thoughts
The veil falls away
And you fall in love
With the thread of truth
You gave to the fray
You were wrought with
Unspeakable anguish
I opened the dam
And let in the light
You broke through the sadness
Stole away the night
With a pack of cigarettes
Lit and burning
A voice of yearning
Sinks in and tears at the strings
That tethered the mind
And the power within
You were afraid of saying
The words
One read is all I needed
There was a time
I pleaded for your warmth
It was so long ago
The dreams spun out of control
There was a time
You were the sole
Mate I’d known
There was a time
I had to let go
Of the one
Most important lesson

I step away from the stage
Step up to the plate
You are a hard lesson
In loss
In everything I hate
You are hard to swallow
With my pride and my prejudice
And still I want to caress
Your face
I know I’ve traced
A million times
I know the paths
To every corner
Of your smile
You force me to see
Just for a moment
I have everything I need
And every thing I’ve done
Has been
To redeem
The time I wasted

I remember
As someone else
Somewhen lost
Same soul
Different mirror
The tenderness
Of your gaze seeps
Into my broken face
Split lipped
And beaten
I don’t want to hide
I don’t even want to see
But you draw my emotions
To you
Like taking a holy sacrament
Crumbling between your fingers

I’m no good at being
I’m an actress living my life
As a play
You’ll wake up next to the woman
Not the artist that took her name
And you won’t turn away
And you’ll bind me to stay

Yours is a hard lesson
In loss and gain
In everything I want
In everything I hate
My love is grey
Rain hitting a concrete slate
And you are my ray
Peeking through the clouds
Filtering through the dark
And sinking into the abyss
Where only the hidden
Live on the ledge
And risk is a stain
Etched in the foreheads
Of all those dreamers
Teetering on the edge