You cry and you cry and you try
And you try to break free
From the emptiness
Because you know
No one is watching
And that mark you left
On her smile
When you cast your fate
Across her skin
It’s still there
It pinches and hurts
Because all over the book
Was the warning
“Do not cross this line”
Her nature is fearless
She feeds on her belief like a drug
It medicates away all the afraid
With a shrug
The color that drew you in
The shade of her lips
A rose petal that spread open
Invited a smile
Red with a harlot’s mercy
She wept on your pain
And swept you into her compass
Of inner vision
Her jagged compassion

Her eyes are pools you could drown in
When you sit by the well
In love with your own reflection
In the dark room where she lay waiting
Sitting alone in your dream
She looks into your mirror
Flinches in horror
That she should be so beautiful
With every scar
Bathed in the light of your eyes
That are grey like the color
Of her mental sky