I hold in my breath your secret sigh
You washed up like a wave curling like a blanket
Of stars I pulled on my side
When I opened my eyes
I lay in a silent tide
The veils had pulled away
And my thighs were sore from dreams I spent
Like cash on a future I could rent at best
But my credit’s no good and I can’t afford to buy
What I have most desired

I imagined countless times
Your face framed in my smile
The waters of my life
Buried hopes like bones
Found by a woman who survived
The holocaust

When I wrenched my freedom
From my hands that pleaded
I broke through the night
And stole the demons
Like mementos of the bindings
That trapped and tortured
A little girl’s laughter
On a man’s reasons

Victims of drought pray for water
But not to drown
And the flood came as we’d all prayed
I closed the chapter when it tore me down
Lost my love in the rain bleeding away
Melted my thoughts into puddles
And impaled my spirit
Burned the book
And the lies of conditions
Blazed high on a bonfire
When the inquisition took what I
Tried to hide
Swords of truth in one hand
The whip and the lash in another
Purging the sins of others
Raptured in the grip of fervor
A cleansing fire to sanctify
All that had been defiled

The sky glares at me
Scorching my skin
I’m staked and bound
Anchored to the ground
Eyes sown open and seeing
Night’s tendrils seeping
Into a fading horizon
Sinking fast into my skin
Setting in my eyes
She falls back on her light
Dawn runs to dusk
When she’s done
Touching me deep
Like the dying sun