The face I met laughing in the moonlight
Now quietly sleeping in the candlelight
A heart beats heavy and slow tonight

In the bed where she lay waiting
In the pillows she was bathing
With a room of small objections
Spaces to fill with moments like keys
Finding the right one seems a dream
So far away she could choke on the distance

The eyes once glittered with time
Time passed and she was left shadows
To hover over tear stained cheeks
Marked like roadmaps to those places
Where the meek did not inherit
And the earth remained with tyrants
Her heart beats to the rhythm of injustice
Real like her calluses
Justice still elusive
Unreal like a reverie
She sneaks a peak and loses herself
Then bang! Bang! Bang!
She’s dropped into the bomb shelter of her world
It’s kinda funny how it loses a bit of glamour in the waking time…
Where does it go?