Treat me like a human being
I’m not so different from you
Remember me you took my race
Clothed me in chains, whipped my skin
Burned my will and spit on my face
Worked me to death under your sun
My eyes once saw beauty as yours do now
When my hands could still touch without
Sadness and grief my face that held grace in
The eyes of the skies but these rags are long
Gone silk and pearl, you’ve buried me
Beneath an easy name to forget
The words you’ve torn from my lips rest unheard

Another day goes by in silence
In requiem
Another day goes by in silence
Another life goes out
Another candle without a flame
Another shadow to haunt you
Ring out the free, chant the creed
To never forget no never forget you could be me
Remember me remember me

I’ll show you who I am, I lay dead
My blood on your hands cause I’m the
Children you forced to kneel before you
And I’m the sinner who begged for mercy
I have all the time I need to wait for you
To pay and I won’t leave until you give back that which you took

Another life goes out
In requiem