There’s a difference between what you say and what you do
I manipulate my state alter my reality and shape my own truth
Cuz the quality like love just blew right past you
And you dumb enough just stood with your asking
Life’s a business fool so buckle up there’s no hard proof
I’m desiring a state of grace I need to release this breathing
Mind games and choked dreaming I’ll erase the demons
Your meaningless fast fix look in your heart there’s only conflict
Mind in paralysis I battle the depression with inexorable ambition
Hold faith that this gestation will lead to ascension
If not a moment of elation will function instead
From stillness to a rising tower my hope like a madness of angels
Aspires this isn’t a joke my fate will devour
And one day I can open my eyes to see myself disguised
Another flower in my place the heartbreak led away
Desire conquered the outside with the inside