Getting through the day a Macchiavellian narrative there’s no way to explicate the contradictory relatives you feel the pressure of pleasing I have no way to get across to you how unimportant your mom’s point of view is in the way that women work we’re not always the same and pointing that finger becomes a useless exertion when there’s no one to blame no one is a work of perfection you can’t avoid the confrontation of difference in ways to choose a lifetime direction it’s a matter of fundamental intention of what you want to do with your time really it’s just your discretion no one else’s and what I’m willing to sacrifice to get by hey I’m just trying to survive the need in me is what drives me to breathe but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends I’ve been there for you I’ll be there till the end if I’m allowed to but you have to feel so dramatic that conflict is final and someone has to be vile so the tie is severed your inner critic is outward and you look like a coward while I’ve been here quiet in my static of busy day in and day out my feelings are hurt but I’ve been hurt before it’s only transitory pain as part of growth is obligatory I will keep going and if I need to I’ll go alone though it drove the point home when you weren’t a man enough to talk to me in person to take responsibility for your own instead of making all of those assumptions you could have called me at home to say hey, I realize things are going this way, but it’s all good we’re homeys our friendship’s still good the reason why I left is only reinforced by your actions and your inaction has shown me you don’t know me it’s hard to respect what you don’t get but jesus stretch yourself out of your head for a second get over yourself there’s more to us than this bullshit and I’ll tell it how I think it because that’s who I am when I wake up in the morning if you don’t wanna hear it because you fear it then get the fuck off my stage and out of my way cuz there is nothing more I can say except for I love you miss you and I’ll still work on my issues and you can always come back silverback life is never so tragic you can’t take it back until you die there’s always time to make peace with the ones that mean it