Touch me in my terror of contact
These threads inextricably tangled
My lidless eyes sleeping in contract
With a dream world of my artifacts
Disillusion my dense barricade
Here I am perfectly intact
Time flows by unattached
No strings to complicate relating
Reflecting my life limited to facts
Then it’s not enough I find myself lacking

Nothing to connect without and within
The shadows of my feelings hover again

Your gaze locked on my husk blinding my sin
Your attention my spotlight concealing
The menace of my internal feeling
Chameleon-like I move through your screens
Aware of all other objects outside my seeming
Thoughts rise slowly in a haze of drunk
Dark need trapped in conflict
Your face wrapped around it
Juxtaposing the generic man I’m seeing

He bends to me
She yields to me
I change into three
Sober and free

My mind spins out reeling in affront
Archetypes and people are different
I pry my thoughts out of a knot of scripts
Nausea wells up incandescent when
Precious moments of skin on skin
Return the taste of my adolescence
You all invade my inviolate loneliness

He yields to me
She bends to me
I cave into three
A knot unseen

Your gaze locked on my skin blinding my shame
Inside the darkness rises flawlessly profane
The infinite causes to desecrate
Rest in opaque reasons awaiting without name
Hints of treasons blaze like flames
I speculate the meanings of my desire
Today will not be the same as yesterday

Inside the war is raging
I wear the battles like smiles
This presence liberates me
You are the catalyst
The return of life in my breath
Just when I try and try
To keep my chin high
My face barely above the waters
Keeping myself from going under
Drowning into oblivion

I lie like a ghost remote and awake
I try to read the motives they indicate
And pick my way thru a field of mines
Of dangerous triggers and sparks like crimes
The memories open arguments of fault
Blasting open vents to my hidden vault
And intoxicate my indifference
They put a worm in me that needs to feed itself
On a notion the world outside my presence
Is just moving to defile my essence

In the damp places of my gasps
Lies proof of my illicit acts
Stolen shadows of scenes
Insinuate her eyes into me
Secret trust in inner trinity

He yields to me
She bends to me
I break into three

This intimacy bleeds in some life
Like moonlight through a windowpane
Into his solitude confinement
Into my sadness of life scattered
Into her silence of dreams shattered

I lie like a ghost remote and awake
Here I am incapable of escape
This knot of fire I swallow in pain

He yields to me
She bends to me
I give in to three