They call me unfeminine because I can grit my teeth and bleed
Like a man I can step into the ring, take hit after hit, fist to cheek
Still I get treated like I don’t deserve the right to own my cunt
Because strength is a masculine trait that I should only rent
Get a lease on my best cuz my best is never to outbest
The rest who feel inadequate to the test that is woman

But a woman is part mystery part heartbreak and tears
Pain of a girl’s innocence lost, a price filled with fears
Power I’ve paid for to raise my crown and become the queen

They taught me not to need because need is weak
Told me not to feel because I’m free in those feeling streaks
Pounded into me bruise on skin like my soft was sin
“Be female and give up your sex
To any convenient male who asks next
If need be use him, take his bid on your maidenhead
And pay for your guaranteed move ahead”

In a cocoon I slept in wait
Shut off the inside to save
A spark of sacred grace almost taken away
A possibility of love and hate
I tried to straighten out all that got screwed up
My brain a broken identity of me
Stranger in a mirror looking from my face

The moment when the shell snaps from a need to grow
Is the moment when the pain cries out for me to let go
It’s then that the battle inside is fiercest to keep the same
Those things that call the most for change
Some part of you still charging
Crusading for phantoms of old truths
It’s all too new for you to realize
That they died in the night
Seeking for divine in the endless shades of gray
Between the dark and the light

I awoke in the strangest place separated from the whole
My whole body smelled like shame wet from head to toe
Shivering without the smallest protection of a flicker of hope
It’s been a long time since I was there all afraid and alone
And I wonder what’s so unfeminine about having grown