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It’s a strange realm you find her in
A glass palace of transparancies
Shadows, lost memories
You see her, a lady trapped in her own eyes
High on a throne
So many politics sit with her crown
How can she talk to you
Drive home to you
When wings of forgotten oblivion
Push her into more walls

She creeps toward you raining loneliness
Her skin grows cold, she can’t feel
It’s a strange love you touch her in
Felted gloves, numbed fingers, distant words
She cries, “Can I open these windows
I need some fresh air
Need to feel you crush me
To feel something besides this glass prison
There used to be something
I don’t know
My memory slips from me
I don’t remember”

Pull me out of this hell, illusions confuse me
Take me out of my shell in to what surrounds me
I’m stuck in this mess your realities abuse me
Pull me out of this shell, delusions contuse me
Take me out of my head into what’s around me
Thread by thread it unravels me
The mirror palace unravels me

Such strange emotions she traps you in
No bridges for her distances
Through sterile walls your smiles are charades
Damaged masks for her masquerade balls
Reflections of her, a broken projector
Play me your scenes, such jagged scenes
She weeps in her solitude
“I go crazy chasing myself in this mirror house
Lose the boundaries of what’s me and what’s you”

I lie in my bed of fears
Filling holes with empty promises
At night I hunt my shadow across mirrored walls
Just as I’ve caught it
It’s a reflection I see
I’m standing face to face with me
“I can bring sleep the light away
Bring back lost time, hidden past…” she says
But the fear in her voice reveals she knows
There are no appeals
In the end she must live with her choice

Thread by thread it unravels me
The mirror palace unravels me